Dr. Lynndy is always seeking to do more and be more. He is passionate about delivering the best care possible to his patients. Because of this, he has explored over 35 therapeutic techniques as a means of perfecting his craft.

Some Of The Doctor’s Favorite Things

Dr. Lynndy is an avid researcher. He is constantly learning about the potential of the human body. Whether it’s through participation in a variety of sports or scouring professional articles on improving the human condition, he is always pursuing excellence in his practice.
    Some of his favorite leisure activities are:

  • – making the most of quality time with his wife and two daughters
  • – enjoying the outdoors with his family and friends
  • – tinkering in the garage on a project
  • – volunteering his time to help members of the community
Probably his highest win to date is in opening up his own practice. He has worked for many, many years to fine tune his skills in the chiropractic profession, and now he felt it was time to have patients benefit from those skills solely under his own direction.
Dr. Lynndy loves his job. When treating a patient, he is always seeking out the connection issues or as he likes to say “The links that make us tick and not tock”.

By analyzing a patient’s symptoms, diet, and past trauma or injuries, he looks for the originating cause(s) of the dysfunction and maps out the best route to bring the body back to a state of balance.

Learn…learn…learn. He loves to study a multitude of different topics and ideas, especially those for which he has had little to no experience at all.


Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Work Is Featured Below.



We have had patients come in to us with Active Full Blown ’10 out of 10′ Migraines and they leave with pains at a manageable 2-3 out of 10 or many times leave without a migraine at all.

Eighty percent of headaches and migraines are due to neck muscular imbalances.


Hip Pain
Imminent Surgery

We have had many patients come in facing imminent hip surgery with virtually ‘Bone-on-Bone’ issues.

Strength increases can be noticed almost immediately and pains quickly dissipate.   Surgery is not your only option.


Runner’s Knee

Running is a great past-time and can be quite soul searching, but weak muscles, repetitious stresses, hard pavements or poor footwear can make running hard on your knees.

We find out where the actual problem is originating from and work to correct that issue.


Carpal Tunnel

This syndrome occurs via repetitive stress performed by the wrist and the forearm muscles, but many times the condition manifests due to a problem elsewhere in the body.

Let us find out where your issue originates and address that problem and not just the symptoms.


Chronic Pains

These are the elusive problems that many people face. Many are told that they are just too fat, getting too old or that it is genetic.

Usually these pains are referred from other areas in your body or even from joint dysfunctions.   So let us find out the area from where your problem originates.


Shoulder Pains

Sports injuries, repetitive motions and car accidents can set off debilitating shoulder pains. Life gets hard to play with your children, partake in activities/hobbies or even feed yourself.

Many are told that surgery is your only option.   We have had many of our patients notice immediate relief.

These Are Just Some Of The Best Results For Issues We Work On,
Come In And Let’s See What We Can Do To Help You.